Russian historiography through the eyes of a Hungarian historiographer: Reflections on the book by Gyula Szvák

Kovalev M.V.


The presented essay is devoted to the analysis of new book of Gyula Szvák, a Hungarian scientist. This reviewed work includes eight articles written by the professor between 1978 and 2017, reflecting the dynamics of his scientific interests, as well as their wide range. The book presents essays on the concepts of Russian feudalism in historiography, on the interpretation of the oprichnina by Soviet scientists, on the images of Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great in historical memory. The author of the review notes that the connection between historical and historiographic processes is extremely important for the Hungarian researcher. In the center of his studies there is always a person, and not a faceless and abstract narrative. In the above analytical review, the main attention is paid to the reflections of Professor Szvák on the ways of development of Soviet / Russian and Hungarian historical science, on the search for common and special between them. In this regard, the method of comparative description of the life trajectories and scientific careers of Russian and Hungarian specialists seems to be fruitful, as was done by the author of the book under review using the examples of J. Perényi and R.G. Skrynnikov.


Gy. Szvák; historiography; Russia; Hungary.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.03.15

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