Review: The «World System of Socialism» and the Global Economy. In the mid-1950s – mid-1970s / ed. By M.A. Lipkin. M.: IWI RAN, 2019. 336 p.

Ierusalimskij Ju.Ju., Ierusalimskaja S.Ju.


The monograph under review considers the current issue of creating the world socialist system (MSS), its economic, political and ideological aspects of influence – and presents a critical view of the problems and differences in the MSS. This is important for understanding the specific features, the base, and the theoretical and institutional framework of the formation of this multi-level system. The document-based and research materials studied in the monograph cover almost all the aspects of the creation and functioning of the MSS and show the way it is having a global impact on the forming world economy. The authors give a deep analysis of a significant array of archival documents as well as of materials of domestic and foreign experts, demonstrating the influence of the MSS on the development of the situation worldwide and on the taking decisions in Western countries. The analysis of the newly introduced documentary materials allows the authors of the work being reviewed to follow the principles of scientific impartiality in construing the history of the MSS in the second half of the 1960 s – early 1970 s, and make some interesting scientific conclusions and generalizations.


World system of socialism; foreign economic cooperation; Soviet Union; ideological and theoretical basis; political interests; Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2022.01.14

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