Foreign Policy of Russia in the Contemporary International System

Konovalova N.A.


The article focuses on principal definitions of a contemporary world order and the place of Russia in it, which dominated in the U.S. and Russian academic and official discourses. The author describes shifts in the Russian foreign policy both in terms of tactics and the national priorities setting. Comparing resources of Russia and the existing obstacles, the author tries to forecast whether a long-lasting «concert of nations» and equal and inseparable security are likely to appear in accordance with the Kremlin’s aspirations, Russia will become a connecting transport and logistics link between China and the EU. The author emphasizes the eventual opportunities for Russia to get various benefits, including the U.S. global presence downgrading and the growing worldwide demand for various goods provided by Russia.


multipolarity, «concert of nations», centers of power, revisionist powers, national interests, security, Greater Eurasia, pivot to Asia.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2018.01.08

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