The development of strategic planning in Russia: a view through the prism of higher economic education

Molchanov I.N., Molchanova N.P.


One of the elements of the management system of the multinational Russian state’s national economy is strategic planning. A list of strategic planning documents is legally defined, which differ in the composition of elements and developed at various levels of management. In view of the complex administrative-territorial structure of the Russian Federation and the scale of the development of economic programming, there is a plurality of such documents. This complicates the analytical activities for their implementation and control over the execution of national projects and programs. There are no uniform methodological foundations and principles for the formation of documents of a strategic nature. The regulations used in the development of strategic planning documents are insufficiently coordinated across management hierarchies. The methods and instruments of state regulation traditionally used in the process of implementing plans and programs do not fully meet the objectives of the period of integration transformations. There is an urgent demand for innovations that correspond to the peculiarities of the current stage of Russia's transition to a new model of economic development and the accelerating process of digital transformation. It is necessary to streamline the composition of taxonomic units in the spatial management system, build a unified methodological basis for developing a list of strategic planning documents, approve the technology for their compilation and execution logic agreed by all participants in the strategizing process, form a single information base for collecting and processing the necessary data and an effective monitoring and controlling system using the achievements of digitalization. The responsible task of higher education is to update training courses on the Russian economy and include a «Strategic planning» discipline in the curricula of economic specialties of universities, improve the theoretical foundations and practical training of students to work with strategic planning tools, enable the students to master skills and competencies that are in demand in professional activities (knowledge and skills) of creative predictive and planned work.


strategic planning; history of development; legal framework; goal and means; vectors and tools; economic education; knowledge and skills.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2023.04.02

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