Monitoring development strategies: International experience

Ivanova E.I.


In the context of the complication of international political and economic relations, which form new threats and risks for the individual, society, state, national go -vernments are faced with new, increasingly complex challenges to efficiency and responsibility, with the need to improve control instruments, assess the implementation of socioeconomic policy, budget spending funds. It is required to take a fresh look at the problem of national indicators of development at different levels. The article discusses the most important approaches to the formation and monitoring of development strategies based on the use of key national indicators as control indicators. Attention is paid to the problems of their choice in order to ensure the implementation of strategic development goals at the national and international levels. It is concluded that national development indicators are an important tool for informing governments and the public, and transparent reporting contributes to the formation of an atmosphere of trust in society. They play an important role in the theory and practice of combating corruption. The system of national development indicators contributes to a better understanding of the vectors of modern socioeconomic development, including at the level of state planning. It is shown that in different countries sets of indicators of resource provision differing in quantitative and qualitatively expressed goals are used. The dominant trends of recent times are: expanding their range, using cost indicators for both the state and business, the non-profit private sector, striving to improve the transparency of financing, concretizing the cost structure so that, by comparing them with intermediate results (indicators of the current state), it would be possible to make the appropriate adjustments. The formation of national and international development strategies using development indicators, monitoring the achievement of development goals, managing this process, assessing the effectiveness of the funds used and the level of achievement of the set goals requires a clear definition of the functions and typology of key national indicators. Thus, this system opens up an opportunity for the formation of mechanisms for making optimal decisions by the authorities of different levels, as well as for the understanding by the society of the declared directions of development.


strategic planning; indicators of sustainable development; a system of indicators; the international community.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.02.15

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