Prospects for increasing the role of socially oriented nonprofit organizations (SO NPOs) in the development of Russian civil society

Pilipenko A.D.


The article gives the author's view on the prospects for the development of socially oriented non-profit organizations and the impact of their activities on the development of civil society in the Russian Federation. The special Russian specifics of the functioning of civil society institutions and the role of non-profit organizations in this process are shown. The necessity of increasing civic activity and civic culture of the population for Russian civil society's progressive development is substantiated. The article uses the dialectical method to identify existing contradictions and their impact on the development of civil society, as well as the method of secondary data analysis and the case study method, which allows showing. It is concluded that in modern Russia, there are vast opportunities to use the potential of socially oriented non-profit organizations to attract citizens to the implementation of social state policy. The activities of SO NPOs are understandable to every member of society; its results are tangible and weighty, which has a beneficial effect on citizens' understanding of the expediency of their active citizenship.


Socially oriented non-profit organizations; civil society; civic activity; civic culture; social policy.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2021.04.12

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